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About The Reprographics Industry

The “Reprographics Industry” is recognized as a “sub-industry” underneath the umbrella of the “Printing and Graphics Industry.”  There are several “sub-industries” under that umbrella, including the Offset Printing Industry, the Screen Printing Industry, the PrePress Industry, the Quick Copy Industry, the Photographic Industry, and the Sign Industry (etc.)  Due to advancements in digital technology over the past 20 years or so, the lines between the sub-industries have been blurred somewhat; services offered by many companies overlap the “traditional” lines that used to clearly separate each individual “sub-industry.”

The Reprographics Industry is the sub-industry long-recognized as the one primarily providing reprographics, graphic imaging, document management and distribution services to firms and businesses involved in Architecture, Engineering, Construction and Real Estate Development.  (The Reprographics Industry was formerly known as The Blueprinting Industry.) 

While today it is still true that most reprographics companies still derive a very significant portion of their total sales revenues from firms and businesses involved in the A/E/C industry, most reprographics firms, today, provide a myriad of imaging services to firms and businesses of all types.  Today, many reprographics companies, if not most, offer scanning and indexing services, small-format black & white and color and large-format black & white and color printing and finishing services.

The Reprographics Industry has one “International” Association, the International Reprographics Association (IRgA), which is based in the USA, and there are quite a number of “country-specific” associations around the world, two, for example, are; MOTIO (the German Reprographics Association) and S.I.N. (the French Reprographics Association).